Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Selling Dreams

I was listening to a sales expert talk this morning and he commented that what you are really selling with any product is a dream. This was a lightbulb moment for me. Whether it is the dream of being thin (weight-loss product), having more energy (health-related products), a great relationship (online dating services), etc. We are really selling the dream. He commented that's why some people become seminar-junkies, going off to learn about making money online or in real estate and not actually taking action. They purchase the dream, the product that helps them see themselves with the life they want.

People need to have hope for a better life. It is said that you can endure almost any horrid condition if you have a reasonable hope of your life improving. But people with better conditions, but a life they are disatisfied with and no hope of anything changing, those people are usually depressed.

And in America, is it no wonder we have such avid consumers, when you think of products representing dreams. Don't we talk about 'the American dream?' as though part of being a citizen of the country is that we of course expect (generally through hard-work and ingenuity) to have an ever-increasing standard of living -- the dream of a better future.

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