Tuesday, May 13, 2008

People Didn't Understand My Last Post

I ran the ideas of my last post by a few of my friends and they didn't get it. The one friend said, "Well the only goal that I could even pretend my life depends upon is that I want to start exercising more and lose some weight."

But my idea wasn't to try and convince yourself how your life might depend on your goals. My idea was to act as if your life depended on achieving your goals and to ask yourself, so what would I do to make this (your goal or a step towards it) happen? Yes, you know that your life doesn't depend on that goal, but take the time to pretend for one moment that it does.

My one friend wants to open a sewing/knitting/craft store. Sort of like Michaels only a lot more personal. She has lots of ideas for promotions and lessons and clubs and she works at a small sewing store. She and one of the other employees have tossed around the idea of trying to buy that business from the elderly owner or to open their own. But it requires start up capital. They had agreed that having a three-way ownership might be the best situation. Decisions would be voted on. Majority would always rule. But they don't have a third person. The other potential owner was supposed to ask a friend, then a sister and.... nothing happens. My friend commented with a sigh that, "it just doesn't seem to be coming together."

I tried to make her see that if she HAD to open a store. IF her life depended on it (of course it doesn't, but just pretend) what would she do? Would she revisit the idea of needing a third owner? Would she advertise for the business opportunity? Would she go to a conference or trade show and network? I can bet that she wouldn't just wait to see if things 'come together.' So why not do those things now?

Your life may not depend upon it in the sense of life-and-death, but certainly the quality of your life does depend on acting with great urgency, "as if your life depended on it."


Ready Maid said...

One day - January 15, to be exact - I decided that my life actually does depend on my health. Since then, I've lost 40 pouunds and 36 inches, or just over two pounds per week. My life has taken some dramatic turns, including the fact I can now run 25 minutes without stopping, I hiked my first mountain a few weeks ago, and I've taken up golf.

In the process, I'm learning how to apply the process of making small changes consistently over time to make a big difference later on...like compound interest in finances.

Diana said...

Wow, Ready Maid -- I remember early in the year where running that far would have never crossed your mind. Great Job!