Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Interim Goals

Interim goals -- daily or weekly along the way can be a huge value. I've noticed that Barack Obama's well-run campaign (whether you support him or not, his campaign has been incredibly well-run) uses interim goals. When they had over 800,000 contributors, they set a goal of getting over 1 million by a particular date. A few weeks later, they set a goal of getting 1.5 million by another date. In the couple weeks that led up to North Carolina and Indiana which was a critical night for Obama, they set a goal of 1 million phone calls made before the end of polls for those primaries.

The one interim goal that I've had the most success with is -- 15 miles per week -- walked or run. The weight is coming off, though very slowly, and my fitness level is increasing much faster. Now, I often jog upstairs. I certainly have more spring in my step whether I'm running or walking.

But I'd like to find one more boost on the weight loss side. Occasionally I'll set a daily goal for flights of stairs. I work on the first floor of a 3-story building and I'll set a modest goal of climbing 6 flights of stairs during the work-day. But some days I work at home and other days I'm off, so I'm still thinking of a more substantial regular goal that will add to my progress. Stairs are great because they raise my heartrate very quickly. Hmm.....

I'm going to ponder this. Readers, I'd love to hear what daily or weekly goals you are using to reach a much longer-term goal.


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