Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend

I had a lot of time to myself this weekend. Solitary time is generally a rare treat for me. But somehow today and even yesterday I found myself a bit melancholy. Sure I never get as much done as I hoped, but there was more to my sadness. Loneliness? No, that wasn't it (or all of it) either.

Ah, I was worried that how I had spent my time wasn't worthwhile. After all, wasn't I supposed to be off at a family reunion or at the beach or... something of more of a traditional Memorial Day activity. I had finished writing a children's story, that I feel starts strong, but fizzles a bit.

And I sorted my MANY papers and bills to be paid and all my to-do's in my office and yet.... a couple of items that were missing never did turn up as I thought they would. And I have to accept that with all I do, I sometimes misplace items, even somewhat important items.

So I was thinking of this and I was remembering a line from a Zig Ziglar tape where he says we all have a dialog going on in our heads all day long, second-guessing ourselves and it's our choice whether we are going to cheer our own efforts, greet our best efforts with silence or worse groan every time we try and have less than complete success.

I for one am going places and so I'm hear to say that I'm proud of having
- finished a story and gotten it ready to submit to an editor
- faced cleaning my office which had gotten to be an overwhelming chore. It is at least for the moment under control again.
- run a total of 12 miles and walked another 1+
- made inroads in my backlog of to-be-read, discarding some, reading some and letting some go for another day

Now I still have a few more tasks that I'm going to tackle before the weekend ends. Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend whether you spent it with friends and family or, like I did, in more solitary pursuits.

Take care,

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