Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Twenty-one Minutes

According to my laptop battery I have 21 minutes left before... I like the fact that the battery indicator doesn't actually complete the thought. It simply says: Total battery power remaining 26%, total time remaining, oops now 18 minutes. As though the world will end when my laptop dies.

Still being short on time is a big issue for me. I'm trying very much to focus on the small amount of effort that gets the majority of results. I've heard of the 20/80 rule, that 20% of the people, get 80% of the pay. Or that 20% of your efforts get 80% of results. I know for a fact that this applies to my hair, though the ratio is probably more 5-10% effort gives 90% results. I can style my bangs and that makes the biggest difference, making sure they aren't sticking out at ridiculous angles. The rest of my hair takes forever to dry and I've had times that I did nothing to it where it looked better than when I spent a half-hour trying to control what happened.

I just wish all of my tasks were so easy to see where the big payoff comes from. I guess I'm think the baby carrots and cut celery and apples can probably boost my family's daily fruit and vegetable intake with only a tiny effort. But when it comes to learning?... How do you know which books, speakers, websites are going to return the biggest investment?

I guess you can't know ahead of time, but only can evaluate it periodically. I have been trying and I think now, upon reflection, that I'll step up the policy, of unsubscribing to newsletters and promotional notices. Processing email, just takes too darn long. I've also discovered that simply by hitting "This is Spam" button for Nortan AntiSpam in Microsoft Office is helping. I tried it in desperation as more and more emails were offensive and disgusting, not to mention a waste of my time and I will say that I'm now getting less trash.

11 minutes remaining... Oops after spellcheck, 9 minutes remaining.

I think I'll close with an affirmation. One good way to be efficient is to remain calm and I have found that simply stating, 'I can handle it. I'll find time. I can handle it,' can actually help me remain calm in nerve-wracking, stressful meltdown moments.

Gotta go, battery is threatening shutdown. I can handle it.

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