Saturday, April 19, 2008

Success Guaranteed!

Isn't that what we all want? Success Guaranteed? How many make-money-online or investment advice products have been sold guaranteeing that they will make good on some pretty outrageous promises.

The trick is to consider your own success guaranteed not by someone else's know-how, but by your determination and vision.

In one of his books, Brian Tracy asks how much energy would you put into making sales, if you were given a list and told that 90% of the people on the list would buy the product you offered. Quite a lot, obviously.

We need to feel that energy, that certainty of the final destination, the final prize. We need that jolt to get up when we've set the alarm clock extra early or when we get discouraging news. Only you can guarantee your success.

I've been focusing on some longer term goals, having seen enough flimsy get-rich-quick schemes. In doing things the 'right way', I do feel that my success is guaranteed. I know I will make it, because I'm doing all the right things and what doesn't work, I'll try alternatives.

To your success. May you also claim, success guaranteed!

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Ready Maid said...

I'm getting the feeling you're loading your jets, and when that flight bird takes off, the world better watch out, because you'll be flying high!