Friday, April 25, 2008

Giving It All You've Got

The other morning I was feeling pretty proud of myself. I went for a longer run than I had in, gosh, at least a year, maybe more. The day before I had watched my son run in a track meet. He had done fine, but it looked like he could have pushed himself more. In fact he later admitted that he finds it hard to push too much when it is clear that he isn't going to move up or down in terms of position. Namely when the next runner ahead of him has an insurmountable lead.

As I ran along Wednesday morning, I thought of this not in terms of my running, but all of my activities, including... making phone calls in support of Barack Obama. I don't like to phone strangers for any reason. But I believe that Barack Obama is a genuine man who still believes that the government should serve people and I find him inspirational and want to be part of people working together to change government. So I've combined that with a couple of books that I've read recently which talk about how it is good to move outside one's comfort zone. So, my way of moving outside my comfort zone has been to make a few calls in support of Obama.

It is in fact uncomfortable and the temptation is strong to quit and think of other ways, better ways??, to spend my time. But, as I ran along (the other issue came to mind as I passed an Obama 08 lawn sign), I heard in my mind those words that I had wanted to say to my son after his run, "It looked like you had a little more left to give. It looked like you could have pushed a little harder." Do I want anyone to make that comment about my life? I don't think so. And therefore, I'm going to try to continue to push my envelope.

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Ready Maid said...

If we all could see the potential in us, we would all be more courageous in reaching higher. Thanks for encouraging me!