Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sex and Food, Rated R

My blog post today focuses on the resolution that I'm definitely having success with -- losing weight. I know that it is helpful to change one's attitude towards food. At some point I started to think of eating in terms of sex.

Is sex about cramming in as much as you can? (All women, and some men, know the answer to this). No, sex is not about quantity. And neither is food and the pleasure of eating. Eating, like sex, should be one part anticipation, two parts of savoring the experience, the moment of satiation (easier to recognize when you are slowly enjoying every morsel) and then the relief of no longer being hungry.

Consider this model when you eat. Eat slowly and enjoy all the sensations of the food -- the taste, texture, smell. Make love to your food and then simply recognize when you are past your peak pleasure and stop trying to add anything more to the experience at that point. Again, think of sex. Continuing past the peak moment can only detract from the experience, it is impossible to add more at that point.

The advantage of this model is that you stop eating because you WANT to stop, not because you must follow a set of rules that someone else made up for you. It does wonders for allowing me to feel both in control and yet sinful at the same time.

Okay, well those are my R-rated thoughts for the day.

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