Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Keep Moving

I'm pleased with my progress losing weight and less pleased with my progress on financial goals. I continue to have trouble carving out time. Unlike exercise where I find I can use time slices as small as 30 seconds, generating income is hard to do in that timeframe. I have spent some time just now sitting and thinking of what might be the best way of improving my progress and I'm really not sure.

Finally, I decided for the moment to leave that question in the back of my mind and instead to simply begin doing what I know I need to do. I don't know how exactly I'm going to fit in all the pieces of the pie that need doing, but I think it is better to begin doing the actual work, realizing that I have an issue, a challenge, that I need to be creative about. Waiting for an overall strategy and the big picture plan isn't getting me anywhere tonight. I'm going to take some small tasks that I KNOW need to be done and knock them off my list.

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Ready Maid said...

I am SO with you on your post topic. Today, I had to make a decision whether to keep doing "piddly" stuff that makes a little pocket cash, or start working every day to accomplish the small tasks, that when added up, will amount to having completed the big project that will make the big bucks.

I made the decision. Sounds like your ready, too.