Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How Women Lose Weight

I've managed to cover my goal of running or walking 15 miles a week for 3 straight weeks and I'm starting to see the results. My boobs are looking smaller and this is a good sign according to my friend, Martha, who tells me it's been scientifically proven that women are most likely to lose weight from their upper body, particularly from their breasts and most likely to gain weight in their lower body.

"That is so true," Martha said. "I always notice when I'm losing weight that the buttons on my blouses suddenly have more slack. But when I gain weight, it's the zipper of my pants that won't close. They say that over time your weight evens out. That's a relief, because the way my weight goes up and down, if it didn't even out, eventually I'd be completely flat-chested with a humongous butt."

Now, if you are like me and this comment made you choke on your coffee, I apologize. I have great friends who make me laugh and cry and feel that it is wonderful to be alive and I wanted to pass on this little tidbit of information and humor. Besides, laughter burns calories!!

And today I wore a pair of pants that a couple of weeks ago I decided against wearing because the zipper was stressed to the point of breaking. I'd like to have even more wiggle room in them, but I'm getting there.

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Ready Maid said...

Ain't it the TRUTH, Sistah??! Just yesterday, I posted where the inches are diminishing: bust, 5"; waist, 6"; hips, 3"; upper arms, 1.75"; upper thighs, 2"; calves, .5" (Last three categories are not doubled for right and left, which would make the total even more exciting!)

Any time you need encouragement in this department, drop on over to the Healthy You Challenge. Great group of supporters!