Monday, February 25, 2008

Still Need a Talking To

Ready Maid commented on my last blog entry that she also had been forgetting or not bothering to state her goals out loud. It does feel horribly silly, awkward and of lesser importance. But I think stating resolutions out loud IS important. I was certainly surprised by how determined I felt after stating my goals out loud.

It's also a little trickier to do this discretely -- at work, at home, how often is someone listening in and making you feel even more inhibited? I did it at home the day I wrote the blog entry and everyone else was out. But I can't count on that. Perhaps I need to get in the habit of stating my goals out loud as I drive along. I know that to get in a habit, the best thing is to have a certain time of day and place to take action. For stating resolutions, or affirmations as some people like to call them, the recommendation is to state it first thing you get up in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed at night. Problem I have is I'm trying to be quiet and not wake anyone up during that time. So I need an alternative and driving seems like a good one. Now, it would be best to be a section of road that is easy driving, to actually apply some brain cells to what I am saying. But, I don't go the same way each day. Hmm... okay, this is another one that I'm going to leave the question out there and hopefully it will be answered in another post.

As for my commitment to run or walk 15 miles each week. I had to do some creative bookkeeping. I covered 6.5 miles on Sunday and I counted 3 of them on last week's total and 3.5 of them on this week's total. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it works and is better than just giving up on the idea.

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