Thursday, February 14, 2008

Moving Outside One's Comfort Zone

Okay, so in keeping with the Millionaire Mind philosophy, I had set aside an equal amount of money in a Financial Freedom account and in a Play account (for unnecessary, fun purchases). I had picked $150 for each (in reality my additional 401K contribution means I'm really putting more aside for Financial Freedom). February is the first full month that I'm doing this in. So far, I have bought
- more fun, colorful underwear - around $30
- my favorite hair treatment stuff off Ebay - about $12 worth
- and a $20 bottle of an expensive bath/shower gel

Yesterday the bath/shower gel arrived. I had originally received a sample size of this when I bought something else. While I loved the smell, I considered it an overpriced extravagance. But then along came this advice to indulge in a small amount of overpriced extravagances and I like to try out advice before taking it or rejecting it.

So this morning I saw the box and thought, "What the heck did I pay $20 for shower stuff? Talk about pouring money down the drain." After I showered and looked at the still seemingly full bottle, I realized that the $20 bottle size was probably a 2-month supply. Really I'm probably only spending about 40 cents a day for an experience that perks me up, much like a cup of coffee might (which I'd obviously pay more than 40 cents for).

And yet I'm uncomfortable. I am not comfortable buying things that I could do without. I feel that I should be spending the money on my kids or saving it or donating it to the poor.

And again, I'm struck by how, if nothing else, I'm learning something about myself. I really had this notion that mentally I did not get in my own way. That I try things that others would scoff at. That I never fall into that negative mindset of feeling that I don't deserve something. But there it was, this morning, the voice inside of my head saying, "Girl, WHAT did you go spending $20 on SHOWER GEL for." And another voice saying, "I know, I shouldn't have."

So, there you have it -- me stepping outside my comfort zone and thereby discovering a bit more about where my comfort zone is. Not sure exactly what I do with this latest discovery, but that will be another post.

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