Friday, February 29, 2008

I Feel Like a Million Bucks!

Wow, if I could translate feelings into dollars then I'd have achieved my financial goal already.

This morning I thought about my goal of running or walking 15 miles per week. My weekly total was 11 miles so far and snow is forecast for tomorrow. I had no running buddies around to plan a run with and recent snow and ice makes the one route I run with Licorice (our dog), not a good option. What to do?

I finally decided that I would drop my son off at school and park at the nearby park and run along some quiet small town roads. I planned my route without knowing how far it would be. I purposely changed directions several times, so I never got particularly far from my car and psychologically it didn't feel like a long run. Oh and did I mention it's only 5 degrees here today? One of the coldest days of the winter AND I'm not a morning runner. On the other hand, the streets I had chosen were almost all flat and lined with houses that partially block any real wind. So it wasn't all bad.

Having made the commitment to wearing running clothes down and having chosen the route, there was no hesitation or debate about going. I trotted off and frankly the shadow I cast did not appear particularly graceful or gazelle-like. Even at my most in shape, as a high school track runner (I actually won the majority of my races), my style had been compared to a horse, AND the speaker had clarified, NOT a thoroughbred racehorse, but the kind of horse that pulls a wagon all the way to town and back, clip-clop, clip-clop. I was a distance runner and the person who said this considered my even pace and steady stride to be complimented by this analogy. I think it goes without saying that most high school girls aren't hoping to be compared to Betsy in the barn.

But, these days, I was more okay with trotting along smoothly and steadily. I did not want to be gasping for breath in 5 degree air. I was pleasantly surprised by how relatively easy the run felt and I went down one street where if I had ever traveled, I had certainly never had time to look around. There are some GORGEOUS homes there. Well at least the land they own and the view was impressive.

My only tough moment came on the one brief uphill. I happened near the top to be passing a graveyard and I thought, "well probably most of the people there would gladly trade places with me." Not that there aren't some people who would sooner be dead then running uphill on a winter morning. But not me, I continued on and was rewarded by finishing feeling great.

I got in the car and had driven out the parking lot before I remembered to check the clock (I was using this as a rough mileage indicator). 3.5 miles!! - more than I had expected. Had I realized I only needed another half-mile I might have continued on, but my sweaty, damp clothes were already getting chilly and I decided I'd leave the final half-mile for a couple long walks with the dogs.
Well that's all for now. I'm going to enjoy a well-deserved breakfast!

P.S. The picture was taken by Cheryl Rankin (a.k.a. Irish Eyes) from a website, which despite its name is a great site for bringing blogs and websites to life by adding pictures. I learned about it from this Squidoo lens on free web graphics.

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Ready Maid said...

Three and a half miles??! Even Mr. Ed wouldn't snort at that. And if it were five degrees outside, you'dd have to hold a gun to my head to get me out the door.

Congratulations, O Mighty One!