Friday, February 1, 2008

I believe in John Edwards

Do not turn away from these great struggles before us. Do not give up on the causes that we have fought for. Do not walk away from what's possible.

John Edwards, New Orleans, January 30 2008

This blog is about making resolutions and keeping them and the inspiration and practices that can help you do so. I remember one of the books I've read (sorry I can't remember which book) asking, "What's the biggest dream you would dream if you thought you could definitely do it." Mine is way bigger than my 2008 resolution and it involves making a huge difference in many people's lives. My 2008 resolutions would help make such a dream possible.

I do not entirely understand John Edward's decision to suspend his campaign, but I do believe and understand that he is NOT walking away from the causes that he believes in. His ultimate goal, improving the lives of all Americans, particularly those struggling financially, is a cause that he is dedicating his life to.

It's ironic this morning I was Googling about predatory lenders and the mortgage crisis and one of the top results was on It was a full explanation of John Edward's plans to assist those facing foreclosure and prevent fraud and misleading practices in the lending industry. It was more than wishful thinking. It was a specific, and likely-to-be effective, action plan. Unlike the author of The Secret, I believe resolutions and thoughts must be followed by plans.

But to go back to Edward's decision to "suspend" (note he did not withdraw) his campaign. While we must make plans and take action, we must also stay open to alternative routes to our ultimate goal. That is, I believe what Edwards is doing. He must have felt that the route he was taking, campaigning for president, was not leading to the success of his ideas. In many ways, his suspension of his campaign, did in fact further elevate his proposals. In last nights' Democratic debate, suddenly Obama and Clinton could not say enough good things about Edwards and his ideas. Suddenly all of the Democratic frontrunners are talking about Edwards' ideas.

I urge everyone who is planning to vote in Tuesday's Democratic primary to visit the Issues page on and/or to listen (or read transcripts) of the debates that included John Edwards and if you come to same conclusion that I did, that John Edwards is both dedicated and capable of helping Americans who most need help or guidance, then vote for John Edwards on Tuesday. I do not say this in hopes that he will reenter the campaign (though it's a possibility), but I say it because voting for John Edwards is voting for the causes he championned. The more votes and delegates he represents, the more weight Clinton and Obama have to give to his proposals. I urge you Vote for John Edwards on February 5th

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