Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It occurred to me that every time that I've been successful at losing weight and keeping it off, that I have NOT been trying to lose weight, I've been trying to get in shape. I used to (years and years ago) run local races and occasionally win one. I liked to set goals of running a certain course faster than I had the previous year or running a longer running route than I had ever done before. My longest ever was 13 miles.

And along the way I got thin. Quite thin. So.... I'm thinking instead of thinking green and black pants should fit comfortably with a shirt tucked in, I need to set a different interim goal -- a weekly mileage. Since January 1st my weekly running mileage has varied from 4.5 miles to about 10 miles. Not a lot. Not by runner's standards. This week I hope to actually hit 11 miles.

With the winter weather and a lack of predictability to my schedule, it is difficult for me to plan on running even say 15 miles a week yet. But, what I could do is set a walking/running goal of 15 miles per week and decide that a minimum of 7 miles of that should be running. So that's my new goal.

People often quote Zig Ziglar who said, "You can get anything in life you want if you help enough people get what they want." And it's funny, there's a parallel there in terms of reaching my money making goals. Trying to make money, probably isn't going to work. Finding a way to increase my value to others. That might work.


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Ready Maid said...

Sounds as if you're gradually working into what works best for you. So far, I've had good success with the BestLife plan of healthy eating and exercise.

Best wishes for your continued success!