Sunday, February 17, 2008

Finding Time

I'm able to find time to exercise, by doing it primarily in tiny time slices. Running up and down the stairs or dancing around in the kitchen while I'm stuck on hold on the telephone (fortunately no one seems to notice that I'm a bit breathless when they return). And finding time to connect spiritually, well, it just doesn't take that long to spend a few moments reflecting on your life and what's important.

But, when it comes to making money, it's a lot harder to find the time. I've been trying to get up early in the morning and work on money-making activities then, but I'm not satisfied with the tiny amounts I'm getting done. I'm thinking that perhaps for money-making activities I may not "find time" so much as need to "make time."

I've heard it suggested that it's best to allocate days into ones that you focus primarily on one particular activity -- so some days are really dedicated to family and fun, other days are dedicated to short-term tasks, other days are dedicated to long-term planning. And I heard a successful freelance writer talking about how before noon she writes and afternoon she combines book promotion with family responsibilities. So I have my day job hours and I have in the past been successful with taking half-days off from work, to do more entreprenurial tasks. But I'm going to run out of vacation very quickly doing that. So...... when??

There was also one baseball season where my husband was very busy coaching and my son was very busy playing and it seemed when they were not doing that, they were watching friends at the fields and I scheduled my writing for their practice times. But it's February and no baseball is on the horizon. So when....

If you were reading this blog post hoping to learn how I solved this problem, I have bad news. I am writing this blog post as a "thinking out loud" exercise and the solution hasn't come to me yet. I will come up with the answer though. I have to, to reach my goals. So return to read more another day!

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