Monday, February 4, 2008

Do Not Be Denied

Wow, we all knew it was something special when we saw it, Eli Manning's incredible determination and focus as he avoided being sacked in last night's Super Bowl followed by THE CATCH by David Tyree.
David Tyree stretched every inch of his 6-foot frame, straining as if the whole Super Bowl was at stake. Because in a way, it was. Somehow, with time running out and the ball pinned to his helmet, Tyree held on tight with both hands Sunday. Years from now, New York Giants fans will still wonder how he did it.

Ben Walker, AP Writer, published on

The minute I saw it I thought about the determination and power of resolving to have something and just deciding absolutely that it will be so.

A friend commented, "I knew when I saw that play, the Giants would win. I knew it. That play showed that Eli Manning would not be denied."

In Think and Grow Rich, Napolean Hill tells the story of a young black girl who forced a rich arrogant white man to give her money for her "Mammie." And even the white man isn't quite sure why he gave her the money, because he had already told her to leave him alone or risk the consequences. The young girl at one point insisted, "But my Mammie simply HAS to have it. She has to." She would not be denied.

If you want something, do not be denied.

And if you missed the Super Bowl, because you went to another planet (or live in one of those places that refers to soccer as "football", then watch it in the highlights of this You Tube clip.

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Ready Maid said...

Great game. Great lessons in David-and-Goliathism. David's friends thought Goliath was too big to defeat; David thought Goliath was too big to miss! David's PERSPECTIVE plus his DESIRE - not to pay taxes and to win the hand of the King's daughter - motivated him to victory.