Sunday, February 3, 2008

Do I Want to Feel Better Now or Later?

One of my favorite Jerry Seinfeld jokes is one where he talks about how complicated shopping has become. If you have a headache and go to the drugstore for aspirin there are SO many choices -

Buffered, Maximum Strength, Fast-Acting, Long-Lasting

Jerry pauses, "I don't know. When do I want to feel better? Now or later?"

Of course the joke is better when Seinfeld tells it, as most jokes are. But it's a funny thought. But I combined this thought this morning with something someone told me the other day about procrastination.

They said the trick to conquering procrastination is to see ALL tasks you are to do, including those you are putting off, as something YOU choose to do. You CHOOSE to organize your papers so that you can stop losing so much time looking for things.

So this morning is another Sunday morning when I am already up and have time to take Licorice for a run. I was thinking that unlike the last time I took her out, I don't really feel like going because

It is not warm.
I have stuff at my computer that I'd like to do.
I just don't feel like running.
It's a hassle to wash the blanket that I have to cover the seat with (we live on a heavily traveled road and I have to drive her to a quiet road to run on).
Did I mention that I don't really feel like it?

But when do I want to feel better? Now or later? I always feel better after a run. When they write about the endorphins that running creates and the feeling of calm and mental well-being that that brings, well, that is VERY true for me. AND.... wouldn't it be nice to be that much closer to wearing the pants in my closet AND breathing comfortably while wearing them??

I chose to run which is why I have to end this post.


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