Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Weight Loss Resolution, Day After New Year's

Part of making a resolution and bringing it to life, is figuring out what you want and why you want it. What feelings do you have about reaching your goal?

When I look at my own New Year's weight loss resolution, I see more preferences for being thinner and not strong emotions. So right now I am going to close my eyes and daydream about reaching my goal. Going to the closet and being able to pull out any article of clothing and put it on and being able to easily zip up the pants, button the buttons and still move comfortably.....

Okay, I'm back from my daydream.

The answer -- it makes me excited and joyful to think about it. I feel happy to have all the choices of my closet and proud of my body.

In case you are wondering why I have chosen the goal of fitting into my clothes, instead of choosing a weight that I want to weigh, the answer is this. When I was in college, for 2 or 3 years I was a slave to the bathroom scale. When my weight went up, my mood went down. One vacation I joined a nearby gym and took 1 or 2 aerobics classes each day. I quickly toned up and lost fat and was getting compliments from my boyfriend, mother, even my brother noticed. But the scale showed the same number. Apparently I was building muscle as fast as I was losing fat. Because my goal at that time was losing weight and I had chosen to measure it in the number that the bathroom scale showed, I became discouraged by my lack of progress. If exercising 1 - 2 hours a day and watching what I ate didn't reduce my weight, what hope was there? I gave up.

Later, in hindsight, I realized the mistake and I vowed to rarely, if ever, even step on a weight scale and to never use a specific weight as my goal. Instead I use clothing as an indicator of my body's condition. And right now, I want to change the clothing that my body fits into. So... to break it down into a more manageable task, let me pick one article of clothing to use as the first milepost of what I'm trying to achieve. Let me think....

Okay, the green and black herringbone dress slacks. I can put them on now, but haven't been able to tuck a shirt into them for months. First goal, be able to tuck a shirt (regardless of how thin) into those pants and wear them to work for the day. And now I'm going to visualize just that first step. It feels good. It makes me want to exercise more. My stomach is flatter and sexier.... Perhaps I will pull out the Pilates exercise tape that I haven't tried before.

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