Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Today my post is a review of Court's Internet Marketing School. I'm reviewing it for two reasons.

First, Courtney offers a reciprocal review to anyone reviewing her school of internet marketing blog. Secondly, I found it interesting that Court's most recent post is about visualizing achieving her goal. She writes that each morning she looks at a screen image (that she's created in Photoshop) of her website being the very first result shown when someone Googles 'internet marketing'. And the thing is she is not very far away. As of today, she holds position number 7 for that term. Number 7 out of 109 MILLION results. Pretty impressive.

So, the proof that Court knows what she is talking about is in those results, but that's not the only reason you should read her blog. I would highly recommend the Internet Marketing School blog because
  1. It's free, with extremely few 'buy this' recommendations.
  2. Courtney gives advice in clear, easy-to-follow steps.
  3. It's well-organized. In addition to the usual categories along the side, there are appealing links at the top to: Get Started, Boost Traffic, Earn Money.
  4. There is plenty of enthusiasm, energy and humor sprinkled throughout!!!

So, if any of your resolutions, goals, desires could benefit from some internet marketing (you don't have to be selling online to want to get your name out there on the internet), then stop by Court's Internet Marketing School and have a look around.

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