Sunday, January 6, 2008

Stop Making Excuses and Blaming Other People

Stop Making Excuses and Blaming Other People

It's easier said than done of course. I just realized I was guilty of it in one area of my weight issues. My husband and younger son like to have some kind of desert or sweet and both will ask me what we have or whether I could get them something. No matter how many times I point out that they can get things in the kitchen just as well as I can, and even chase them off to do so, they are back asking the next night. It is faster to go out to the kitchen scoop ice cream into a couple bowls and return to what I was doing than to have the discussion with them.

But.... of course I never completely do that. As a minimum I lick the spoon, most commonly, I'll eat a big final spoonful (proud of myself for not serving myself a whole dish) or occasionally I have a small bowl. I've always resented that they who have commented on my gradual weight creep, bring up sweet fattening food on a nightly basis. So in my mind I partially blamed them for a few of the extra pounds I'm carrying. And then I started thinking, what if I took full responsibility for the fact that I routinely stuff a couple of giant spoonfuls of ice cream or a small brownie into my mouth when I know I don't need it, during this evening ritual. Is there really nothing that I could do differently? And then I remembered how, if I brush my teeth in the morning and rinse with mouth wash, I don't want to taste anything. If I go to work and someone has out food, even if it's something healthy, a bagel, etc, I don't want it for sometime after using mouthwash, unless I am truly hungry. So.... when asked about treats, I am going to say that I need to use the bathroom, go and brush my teeth, do a quick rinse with mouthwash (all of this has the obvious side benefit of improving my dental health) and then return to the kitchen. Who knows.... maybe the extra time will be enough to even make them realize that they really CAN dish food out for themselves and doing so means they don't have to wait. But I'm not counting on that.

This morning I ran with Licorice, our black Lab. She's named that because of her color, sweetness and the fact that she licks a lot. She is also frequently called Licky, Lickety-Split, and Bad Dog. Anyway, I was up early driving my son over to go skiing with friends and it is extra warm here today and I thought both Licorice and I could use more exercise. We went just a bit over a mile at a moderate trot, both breathing heavily. A wonderful start to the day.

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