Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sing, Sing a Song....

Today was a day where staying positive was more of a struggle. I immediately thought of my resolution to stay spiritually connected or grounded, to feel God’s touch, or whatever great spirit in the sky one believes in. As I searched for that feeling, that connection, I went to YouTube to play a song or two from Godspell. Music has an amazing power to affect our moods, doesn’t it?

Some of the YouTube videos had the actual Broadway recording of Godspell, a wonderfully strong, uplifting performance. But there were many other YouTube videos that were high school productions. In some cases the lead singer had a gorgeous voice, but the supporting cast were pretty disconnected, the lead sang almost without backup and I was stuck by the similarity to how I had been feeling that day, singing along without anyone chiming in. I had felt like I was hitting flat notes because of a lack of connection with those I was dealing with. But you just have to keep on singing and isn’t that sometimes the most courageous performance of all, the lone singer giving it their all, hitting the high notes, with the audience in darkness and the singer can’t tell if they are in rapt admiration or bored disdain. Sometime you have to be positive and energetic a lot longer before people join in, sometimes a good mood will spread like wildfire. Either way be sure to let your light shine.

And in terms of my life, I actually think I hear someone, previously silent, has begun to hum faintly.

P.S. Funny, I had this all typed up without connecting to the internet and when I went to post it, I saw the comment by Ready Maid who is blogging about her efforts to live The Best Life. Once again, as you sing, people chime in. So sing, sing a song, make it simple to last your whole life long.

P.P.S I'm assuming that if you don't like corny, you'll find another blog to read!

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Ready Maid said...

Good morning!

Thanks for stopping by over at Ready Maid on The Best Life.

The pedometer has been shipped from Amazon, and should arrive Tuesday. I'll let you know how it works out.

Keep singing!