Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No Time to Exercise? Think Again

Okay, I'm making notes because I forget to do these myself. Here are all the ways I've found of burning extra calories without burning any time.

- Run through your chores. By this I mean when possible RUN. Putting laundry away in several rooms? Run from one to another. Need a new roll of paper towels in the kitchen?? Run to the closet.

- Exercise in tiny unused time slices. What do you do while you wait for the shower water to get warm? While waiting for your email to open?? While the coffee is warming up in the microwave?? Walk in place with an exaggerated knees to chest motion, swing your arms at the same time. And you thought waiting 20 seconds for the coffee to warm seemed like a long time before. You may think exercising for that short a time is silly, but your heart rate will remain elevated for much more than 20 seconds, burning more calories than if you had stood idly.

- Move as much as possible while driving easy routes. Tap the steering wheel. Sing out loud (yes, more calories than not doing so). Clench those butt muscles. Squirm like a kid who needs to go to the bathroom. Come on, you remember how. Shrug those shoulders. Push against the floor with your left leg (I said LEFT leg and NOT while you are trying to shift a car with manual transmission). Or tap that left leg, more fun if in time to music, but either way works.

- If you use an elevator or escalator, take the stairs.

Readers, chime in with additional ideas.

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