Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Today I go on record with my New Year's Resolutions. You see I wrote this short report, Happy New Year's Resolutions, explaining how you can resolve to have a happier year, life, etc. And now it's time for me to publicly demonstrate my resolutions which are:

Resolution Number 1:

I resolve to earn enough money to pay off all my debt and will finish doing so by January 2009. I will have zero balance on my primary mortgage, credit card bills, 401K loan. In addition I will have a combined balance in my savings and checking account at that time of over $5000. Why do I want this?

1) I want my son to choose which college to attend (which will occur in January 2009) without worrying about our finances.

2) I want my husband to feel less financial stress, as he has a medical condition that is worsened by stress.

3) I'd LOVE to be able to invest in a second home. I have the particular area in mind and ideas of how to make a house there into a great rental.

4) I want my money to go to good causes instead of banks. I'm tired of losing much of my income to loan/mortgage interest. To celebrate no longer enriching banks with interest payments, I will give $1000 in January 2009 and December 2009 to charities. It will be an extraordinary feeling to make such a sizeable donation, something that is more than I’ve ever been able to give before. I want to be able to help other people more.5) I would like to reduce the number of hours that I am working at my “day-job” in favor of having more time for entrepreneurial adventures. I love working from home and creating business ventures from concept through execution.

Resolution Number 2:

I am listening to my body more and giving it healthier food and more exercise. This means every day my pants zip a bit more easily and therefore I exercise more as well. By July 2008 I fit into all the clothes in my closet. Why do I want this? When I exercise and I am lighter, it is easier. It is less work and a lot more fun.

I hate shopping and prefer the joy of old clothes which act as old friends.

I get more compliments as a size 8 than a size 10 pushing 12 or 14. I feel flattered and confident.

I may write more later in the day if time permits, but.... one of the most important aspects of making resolutions is to begin NOW, not wait to line up all the details. And so I created this blog. I want to figure out how to get rid of the top bar. I have a pretty picture that I want to use for my graphic.... but there will be time to make those changes. I am getting started on my resolutions, right now!

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