Thursday, January 3, 2008

Keeping New Year's Resolutions - Unique Solution

This morning I was reading, Change Your Life and Everyone In It: How To: by Michelle Weiner. Weiner writes that the answer of how to change your life is unique for each person. What works for one person doesn't work for another.

I know this is true. When I was home at Christmas, my mom made a comment that, "exercising never worked for me when I wanted to lose weight." I laughed and said "that's funny, because exercise is the ONLY way I ever lose weight. If I try to cut back on what I eat, I feel deprived and hungry and sooner or later, I pig out. Whereas exercise makes me feel better, so I'm not looking to go back to how things were before."

So I know already that my solution to losing weight must include more exercise. But, when?? How to find the time to exercise? Because I am so locked in, so full of resolve that I will lose weight, I'm getting more creative. I don't think I can block out even a half hour to exercise every day. But.... what I can do is take short breaks and exercise just long enough to raise my heart rate. I know that I'll continue to burn extra calories all the while as my heart returns to its resting rate. Last night before I got in the shower, I did 15 (hmm.... not even sure what to call the exercise) repetitions of two different leg exercises. And then jogged in place while I waited for the shower to get warm.

This morning as I drove in (long boring commute) I tapped my left foot and tapped the gear shift. So most likely when I've slimmed down, I'll have an overly large left calf and right forearm. When I got tired of that, I did slight pelvic thrusts. Good thing I don't carpool, or they surely would have deemed me weird or insane. And perhaps, you, the reader are doing so also.

I have resolved to lose weight and I will do so, regardless of what it takes. I'm about to set a clock reminder for once an hour to get up and walk around for a couple minutes, go up the stairs and back down. It's better for my concentration, as well as my metabolism, to get up and move at least once an hour, rather than staying at my desk.

And just in case you are wondering, I will be blogging about my money-making resolution as well, just not today.

Talk to you later!

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