Monday, January 28, 2008

Change Your Life and Everyone In It

  Wow. This book has to make my top 10 books in terms of what I got out of it. I had read one of Michele Weiner Davis's other books, Divorce Busting and thought that was really useful. But it is targeted solely at romantic relationships, primarily marriage.

Change Your Life and Everyone In It on the other hand is about changing any aspect of your life -- work, marriage, your kids, your irritating mother-in-law, you name it..
Weiner Davis will prompt you to create a soluation to your problems. Yes, a big point of the book is that YOU, not some expert, are the one most qualified to figure out the solution to your problems.

But if I knew how to solve my problems, don't you think I would have done so already?

Yeah, I thought that too. But the book takes you down a creative problem-solving path, asking you to think about what part of the current equation you can change. I got a ton of good ideas from this book and will be rereading my copy from time to time to come up with more. In fact it was from this book, that I got the solution to my problem of social dessert eating.

I think this book is most useful when you feel you need advice on how to get unstuck on some aspect of your life. Do you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over again? Having the same arguments with a loved one? Making the same New Year's Resolutions each year? This is the book for you. Grab it now and drink it in slowly, giving the ideas plenty of time to soak in.

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