Monday, January 7, 2008

Approaching First Goal + Millionaire Mindset

I'm proud to say that I am approaching my first goal (not my first of the two New Year's Resolutions, but the first interim goal that I set in my Weight Loss Resolution, Day After New Year's post, namely wearing a particular pair of pants with a shirt tucked in comfortably. I am wearing the pants. I am comfortable. I do have a shirt tucked in. Now, it's a thin shirt and it's pulled out at the back since this morning (I've got a pullover sweater over top, lest you be picturing me as a total slob). But.... I am approaching my first goal and I will continue to increase the number of clothes available to me to wear in my closet.

Okay, now here is a hot tip for losing weight for women. Men stop reading. I SAID STOP READING. Okay, women -- you know how you can get caught in a vicious cycle where you can only fit into your sweatpants or some baggy clothes or just don't have anything in your closet that makes you feel good about the way you look. So then you feel down about yourself, which perpetuates you not taking care of yourself and possibly overeating. BUT.... you don't really want to go out and buy new pretty clothes two sizes bigger than you used to buy them, because that feels like admitting defeat. What to do?

Here's my solution. Buy some new underwear in hot colors that make you feel attractive - sexy, powerful, pretty - whatever feeling you are looking for. First the stuff stretches -- it's not quite one size fits all, but it's one size fits a lot of different sizes. For me it fits the size I once was through the size I now am. Secondly, underwear is cheap. You can buy enough to put on something that makes you feel good about getting dressed in the morning every day of the week, for the cost of one pair of pants and shirt.

MEN -- YOU CAN BEGIN READING AGAIN and you had better not have been snooping into the girl talk.

So, I said above that this resolution blog would not just be about losing weight, but also making money. I'm listening to the audio book version of The Millionaire Mindset by T. Harv Eker (I assume his friends call him Harv, instead of 'T' or 'Mr T'.) I'll write more about it in another post, but one line jumped out at me this morning. He was talking about how hokey declarations are. Declarations are when you make a purposeful statement out loud. Such as me reciting one of my resolutions out loud. Or something as simple as:

I like myself. (Brian Tracy's favorite)


I am a beautiful, healthy, strong woman.


I am taking care of myself and improving my health.

Eker makes a comment that making declarations about money (his focus) seems hokey. And he comments that when the idea was first mentionned to him, he had the reaction that it sounded kind of hokey and dumb, but he was at that point of being willing to try anything, because what he had been doing wasn't working. Eker summarizes "I'd rather be hokey and rich than cool and broke." I liked that. It's true, I'm choosing hokey and in good shape and financial freedom (my vision of financial freedom) over playing it cool.

Gosh, I thought this was going to be a short post. I do run on, don't I?

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